Over/Under Voltage Cut-Off with Safe Restore™

The OVCD extends the life of your light fixture’s drivers and controls by eliminating temporary over and under voltages that can harm sensitive electronic components. The OVCD will instantly drop power during an over or under voltage condition and then, utilizing the patented Safe Restore™ technology, will auto-reset when voltage returns to normal. For volume purchases voltage settings can be customized to your requirements.

Key Features

  • Reset time: 90 seconds
  • Power-on delay

OVCD-120-HW, OVCD-230-HW, OVCD-277-HW
  • Tab mount
  • Operating voltage: 120, 230, 277V
OVCD-230-DR, OVCD-277-DR
  • Dinrail mount
  • Operating voltage: 230, 277V

Over Voltage & Under Voltage Cut-Off (OVCD) With Surge Protection Device (SPD)
  • Tab mount
  • Operating voltage: 277V
  • Thermally-fused MOVs (TFMOV)
  • Gas discharge tube technology
  • Multi-function diagnostic indicators