Power or voltage surges are brief bursts of energy caused by a sudden change in the electrical conditions of a circuit; they are virtually inevitable. Whenever electrical or electronic equipment is used, power surges can and do occur. Business Week estimates that power surges cost $26 billion a year in lost time, equipment repair and replacement cost.

The most well known cause of power surges is electrical storms. When lightning strikes near power lines, even if there is no direct contact, the rapid ionization of the air and the sheer amount of energy in the lightning are enough to induce additional potential energy in the lines causing a power surge.

Externally Generated Surges: 25% to 30%


  • Direct Damage
  • Magnetic & Electric Field
  • Electromagnetic Radiation

Problems Grid Infrastructure

  • Grid Switching – evening vs daytime
  • Downed or damaged power lines

Blackouts or Intentional Power Outages

  • Current inrush when power is restored

Internally Generated Surges: 70% to 75%

Inductive Load Switching

  • Motors, HVAC Compressors
  • Constant degradation of equipment

When determining the true value of a surge protective device (SPD) there is a minimum number of criteria that must be met in order to achieve the highest performing and the safest most reliable SPD. ABLE Power Products has incorporated all of these critical features in the design, testing and manufacture of every surge protection product and component we sell.

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