Hardwired Surge Protection

Hardwired Solutions

These Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s) are the ideal solution for protecting street and roadway lighting, parks and stadium lights, parking lots and walkway lighting. This technology is especially valuable in high-risk areas or problems sites due to lightening activity or power related problems like blackouts and utility

The key benefits to using SPD’s include extending the life of drivers and controls, reducing maintenance and service costs, and minimizing fixture downtime which all equate to increased customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Small Footprint Freeing Up Valuable Fixture Space
  • Ideal for OEM Design-In Applications
  • Competitive Specifications
  • Competitive Price Points

Hardwired Surge Protection BASIC

Thermally-fused 1200V Let-through
10kV Uoc

Hardwired Surge Protection PLUS II

Thermally-fused Gas discharge tube option 1200V Let-through
10kV Uoc

Hardwired Surge Protection PREMIUM

Gas Discharge Tube option
1150V Let-through
20kV Uoc


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