To complement its line of outdoor lighting surge protective devices and components, ABLE Power Products, Inc. introduces a new line of over-voltage and under-voltage cut-off devices (OVCD) utilizing their SafeRestore technology. The OVCD device will disconnect power to the light fixture during potentially damaging low and high voltage conditions then safely restore power with a timed delay when nominal returns.

“The idea for creating this technology came about from our current surge protector customers who were looking for a solution that would address over and under voltage conditions. Conditions that were causing damage to drivers and controls and conditions a standard surge protective device could not remedy” said Fred Kreusch, Vice President of ABLE Power Products.

Surge protectors are a necessity when it comes to protecting light fixtures from high energy transients, but they are not intended to be an effective solution against low voltage conditions or certain high voltage events.

By instantly shutting off power to the fixture during a 40V drop in voltage or a 40V increase in voltage, the OCVD Series protects sensitive electronic components from these damaging fluctuations in system voltage. Using ABLE Power Products’ exclusive SafeRestore circuitry, the OVCD allows for a 25-30 second delay on Power-up and Reconnect when nominal voltage is restored.

Customer feedback on current designs and future innovations is a critical component in our product development process. It’s the most effective way for us to keep our finger on the pulse of the changing technology in our industry especially with the opportunities and challenges presented by initiatives like IoT and SmartCity.

With over 20 years of industry experience, ABLE Power Products provides power protection solutions for streets, roadways, parks, stadiums and a host of other mission critical lighting applications.Over & Under Voltage Cut-Off Device with SafeRestore is set to launch 11/19/2019.

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